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STABAT MATER - Treason By Son Of Man (Digipack CD)

STABAT MATER - Treason By Son Of Man (Digipack CD)

Produkt będzie dostępny od dnia: 04-12-2021

Dostępność: Dostępny

Czas wysyłki: 48 godzin

Koszt wysyłki: od 11,90 zł Dostępne formy wysyłki dla oglądanego produktu:InPost Paczkomat - 11,90 zł
Kurier DPD - 15,90 zł

Stan magazynowy:

Stan produktu: Nowy

Cena: 44,90 zł

Ilość: szt.
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STABAT MATER - Treason By Son Of Man (Digipack CD)

Przedsprzedaż. Płytę wysyłamy około 04.12.2021

2021 album of crushing Black-Doom, ripping, dark and cruel album pushed Stabat Mater leap forward

Stabat Mater was formed in 2001. Early recordings was made for personal needs to hear and create ”Doom Metal” in the most raw and cruel form. Barely resembling traditional Doom Metal. Material was originally not intended to be released, but was given to handful of people, one being label boss of Painiac. He liked material and eventually one song of the ”demo” ended up on split 10” with Worship in 2002. Another song came out later on Crushing The Holy Trinity compilation.2004 came out split 7” with Mournful Congregation.Compilation track and split LP with A.M. was released before finally actual debut album came out in 2009.Seeminly dormant project had cumulated perhaps couple albums worth of material & ideas during the years and finally Northern Heritage released the second full length album. Decade between the albums have meant some changes in sound and approach of Stabat Mater. Influences remain the same as always. UNHOLY (fin), demo and first album of CATHEDRAL (uk), first 12” of MY DYING BRIDE (uk), but also hints of Immolation, Celtic Frost etc. No matter what influences theoretically are, material emerges without intent to replicate them. Sometimes SM is described as what Clandestine Blaze would be, if it was far more slower and heavier – that is quite close to truth what Stabat Mater is. Both lyrically and musically.As before, most of material sounds more as slowed down and downtuned Black Metal than traditional doom. Dissonant, heavy, massive sound is slow, but not exclusively slow. Sound may be advance from early recordings, but is far from over produced. Highly distorted roaring guitars, bounding echoing drums, more diverse vocals than in early recordings. No beauty, nothing relaxing, nothing groovy. Stabat Mater new album offers tormenting malicious black doom

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