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RAZOR - Malicious Intent (12''LP)
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RAZOR - Malicious Intent (12''LP)

Dostępność: Dostępny

Czas wysyłki: 48 godzin

Koszt wysyłki: 13,90 zł

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Cena: 59,90 zł

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RAZOR - Malicious Intent (12''LP)

Black vinyl. Razor’s legendary third full-length “Malicious Intent” from 1986!

This is Razor’s third fulllength album, and this thing so obviously did not receive the respect it deserves. Compared to their previous album “Evil Invaders”, this seems to be a bit lacking in a few areas, but that’s what makes this album so lovable; the Cult appeal is here, for the very fact that so many people did not “get” it back then...

Speaking of “Malicious Intent”, the cover artwork captures some of the most important features of their music. It expresses dynamism and energy, while the flying sparks symbolize the heat of the band’s musical approach. Only the red fingernails do not find their sexy equivalent in the music. In terms of the compositions, Razor’s third full-length offers more of the same, but this is no point of criticism. The band rather achieves its top form while performing short thrash explosions. Even better, the production has definitely more punch than that of “Evil Invaders” and therefore it is just unclouded, non-intellectual fun to listen to the album. From a present perspective, albums like “Malicious Intent” played their part for the cultivation of classic thrash metal in a successful manner. That alone constitutes a good reason to love these outputs.

Mandatory to own on vinyl for anyone into: Thrash Metal in general but think: Slayer, Dark Angel, Exodus, Sodom, Kreator

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