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» » ORDER - Lex Amentiae (lim.100 sztuk złoty 12''LP)
ORDER - Lex Amentiae  (lim.100 sztuk złoty 12''LP)

ORDER - Lex Amentiae (lim.100 sztuk złoty 12''LP)

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ORDER - Lex Amentiae (12''LP)

100 copies in gold vinyl with black splatters

Thirty years have passed since Norwegian legendary MAYHEM defined what would become the authentic Nordic Black Metal trademarked genre with their debut demo ’Pure Fuckin Armageddon’. The band was founded by bassist Jørn Stubberud ("Necrobutcher »), drummer Kjetil Manheim, and guitarist Øystein Aarseth (later known as "Euronymous »). Eirik Norheim ("Messiah ») joined the band as a vocalist and did vocals on the legendary debut mini album ‘Deathcrush' together with Sven Erik Kristiansen (“Maniac”). 

Formed in 2013, ORDER have pledged to the task of restoring a form of filthy, raw Nordic black death metal.The band's line up has been : Manheim (ex MAYHEM) /Billy Messiah (ex MAYHEM, COCKROACH CLAN) and Anders Odden/Rene Jansen (CADAVER). 
Stu Manx from Scandinavian hard rock wave finest band GLUCIEFER, took over the bass duties in 2014 to replace original 
member René Jansen to fulfill ORDER's undeniably repugnant and massive sound. Anders Odden has been the live guitarist for CELTIC FROST and now also handles the bass duties in SATYRICON. 

Mannheim comments on the album concept and artwork : « The album title “Lex Amentiae” translates to “The law of insanity” 
and refers to how the world today is affected by people who set belief above facts, who doesn’t care about, 
and even despise knowledge and who elect insane authoritarian leaders who either are blinded by religious faith 
or ideology or are just straight forward fascists. » 

« The layers of symbolism in the cover art represents the wholeness and everything, physically 
and metaphorically. In the center of it all you see man. The creatures entwined in the symbolism 
represent the poison that affect so many peoples today, towered by a demon to represent the destructive poison of them all, religion.» 

With such a legendary line up and strong songwriting abilities, already benefitting from a massive interest from underground supporters, ORDER’s debut album is bound to make some waves in the black metal scene, recalling the classic releases of the genre. 

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