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 ACCESSORY - Within Your Mind + Demos (CD)

ACCESSORY - Within Your Mind + Demos (CD)

Dostępność: Dostępny

Czas wysyłki: 48 godzin

Koszt wysyłki: 11,90 zł

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Stan magazynowy:

Stan produktu: Nowy

Cena: 49,90 zł

Ilość: szt.
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  • Opis produktu
Wydanie Dark Symphonies, limit 1000 sztuk.

DARK SYMPHONIES is proud to announce our cooperation with underrated, German Death / Thrash act ACCESSORY! Obscure, unique death metal with doses of ripping thrash that will easily satisfy all fans of extreme metal! Forget paying those outrageous ebay prices to get an original copy. We now offer this amazing work in its original glory once again! In addition to the full length release, the CD will also feature the bands' "Look into My Eyes" 1990 Demo, "Symphonies of Disaster" 1991 Demo and the very rare "Demo 1992" tracks. 

The CD is designed after the original 1992 release and will feature a reversible cover with both the original independent release cover artwork as well as the West Virginia Records release cover artwork, taking elements from the original layout with attention to detail, even down to the logo and typeface for a touch of nostalgia. Also included are unpublished classic band photos, flyers and brand new liner notes from original founding members. 

Additionally, a Japanese-style OBI-Strip will be included. 

CD limited to 1000 copies worldwide! Stay away from BOOTLEGS! Support the band and official releases!! 
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